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11 nei Produkter vun YUHUAN CNC Group huet de provinciale neie Produit (nei Technologie) Bewäertung, Akzeptanz a Resultater Evaluatioun

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11 nei Produkter vun YUHUAN CNC Group huet de provinciale neie Produit (nei Technologie) Bewäertung, Akzeptanz a Resultater Evaluatioun

       From November 28th to 29th, 2023, 11 new products of YUHUAN Group successfully passed the provincial new product (new technology) appraisal acceptance and achievement evaluation.

        The 11 new products that were identified and accepted, 7 were identified as having internationally advanced overall technology, and 2 of the products had certain individual technologies that were at the internationally leading level; 4 were evaluated as having overall technology that was at the domestic leading level.

        Among the 11 new products that were identified, accepted and evaluated, 7 were cooperated by YUHUAN CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. and Hunan University, 1 each was cooperated by Hunan YUHAUAN Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., Hunan University and Foshan University of Science and Technology, and Hunan Yuhuan Precision Co., Ltd. Manufacturing Co., Ltd. cooperates with Hunan University 2 times. All 11 new products successfully passed the new product (new technology) identification, acceptance and result evaluation organized and hosted by the Hunan Machinery Industry Association.

        The experts participating in the new technology and new product acceptance evaluation meeting are all well-known experts in the industry. The expert committee reviewed relevant materials, listened to reports, inspected production sites and equipment, watched videos of actual product applications, and conducted inquiries and discussions to evaluate the innovation, advancement, maturity, intellectual property rights, economic and social benefits of product technology. The technical level of the new product was comprehensively and objectively evaluated from nine aspects including , market application, technical risk, market risk, and policy risk, and valuable suggestions and opinions were put forward.




The "YHMGK1720 precision CNC multi-functional cylindrical grinder", "YHDM580H precision CNC vertical double-end grinder", "YH2M84120 high-speed double-sided precision grinder", "YH2MG8182 vertical high-speed grinder" jointly developed by Yuhuan CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. and Hunan University The overall technology of the four new products including the "Precision Grinding and Poliermaschinn" has reached the international advanced level. Among them, the "YHMGK1720 Precision CNC Multi-Function Cylindrical Grinder" has a dual-grinding head switching multi-process compound grinding technology for silicon carbide ingots that is at the leading international level; The overall technology of "YHM7445 vertical single-sided grinder" has reached the domestic leading level among similar equipment; the overall technology of "YH2M45230 cooler grinder" and "YH08WMB240 glass edge grinding production line" has reached the domestic leading level.

567As a leading enterprise in Hunan's machine tool industry, Yuhuan CNC uses technological innovation as a means to adhere to the development path of "specialization, specialization and innovation", continue to enhance the competitive advantages of Hunan's machine tool industry at home and abroad, and better meet the needs of the application market. After the above products are put into the market, they will further enhance the company's competitiveness in the fields of consumer electronics, auto parts, new materials and other intelligent manufacturing and new energy fields.4